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Personal Training with Tay

 ONLINE Personal Training, Customized to YOU.

Join Fit With Tay's PT Program, and get ready to achieve all of your training and health goals!


- Choice of 3 or 5 PDF Workouts per week, with video demos, and options to do your session with me over Zoom (workouts can be customized to at home or gym)

- Weekly Zoom meetings with me

- Daily email check-in's

- Access to the Fit With Tay Facebook community

- Joining a supportive team who will help you achieve all of your goals, and enjoy the journey! 

Prices start at $50/workout ($150/week for 3 workouts, $250/week for 5 workouts), with deals for 1 month and 3 month plans.

Consultation week includes 1 Hour long initial consultation + 3 workouts for $150 to get to know you and find what fits! 

Email to inquire about starting online Personal Training! 

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